1. A deposit of £200 is required at the time of booking by card.
    2. Hire charge to be paid before vehicle collection or at time of collection.
    3. 4 size vehicles are available.
    4. With a range and choice of hire times.
    5. All vehicles are insured fully comp but they have a insurance excess of £500.
    6. All vehicles have RAC cover.
    7. Vehicle must be returned on time during working hours only.
    8. Deposit will only be refunded if the vehicle is returned undamaged, correctly refueled and has not been involved in an incident or accident.
    9. Driver must produce relevant documents depending on license type. Please view our important driver information page for more.
Please be advise we reserve the right to refuse to hire if we feel you do not comply with all terms and conditions of our Insurers. 
Hire Vehicle Insurers have strict conditions that we have to follow to validate your insurance cover.
We apologize for the inconvenience a refusal may cause but we have to ensure all our customers comply and have full insurance cover.
We will not tolerate any form of abuse and our team have been instructed to refuse to hire to anyone who is abusive.
 In all cases any fee’s paid in advance will be returned in full.

Our vans are ideal for:

• Collections
• Deliveries
• Ikea Collections
• Garden tidy's
• Ebay Collections
• House removals
• Recycling / Tip (check with your local council for any restrictions or permit schemes)

Our Fleet includes:

Size 1.
SWB Fiat/Citroen/Peugeot (H1L1)
internal height 1662
internal length 2670
internal width  1870
pay load 1155 kg / 8 meter cube
Full length of van 4963cm
Full height of van 2254cm
Size 2.
LWB Fiat/Citroen/Peugeot (H2L3)
internal height 1932
internal length 3705
internal width  1870
pay load 1275 kg / 13 meter cube
Full length of van 5998cm
Full height of van 2524cm
Size 3. 
XLWB Fiat/Citroen/Peugeot  (H2L4)
internal height 4070
internal length 1932
internal width  1870
pay load 1440kg / 15 meter cube
Full length of van 6363cm  
Full height of van 2524cm
Size 4.
Luton Box Van 13ft body 
Tail Lift - fiat/Citroen/Merc
internal height 
internal length 
internal width  
pay load 
Full length of van 
Full height of van 

Please check you or your driver can comply to the driver Important information page.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us as we will be happy to help and offer expert advice and free quotes.

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